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SOS Computer Service

Additionally, we offer computer repair by our qualified technicians, we assess your computer issues right away and will provide an immediate solution at our sister company A Laptop Shoppe.

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We offer services managing your complete network from the server down to every workstation using onsite and remote services. We perform maintenance including hardware installation, network assessment and maintenance, troubleshooting, virus repair, consultation, network setup/design, implementation, troubleshooting and technical support.
Managed Services includes basic remote support services, patch management, virus and spyware removal. In addition it offers block rates guaranteeing monthly visits at a low cost. We setup a day of the week and time to come in and support your network. Rates are dependent on the number of computers managed and the tier of plan you choose.

We currently offer a Managed Services Plan Starting at $325 per Month!!!

Do you suffer from some of these difficulties...​​​

-​Frequent Computer and Networks Outages
-Unpredictable and outrageous service charges for computer break/fix issues
-Frustration from waiting days or weeks for your computer issues to be resolved 
-Your technology vendors routinely play the blame game, and computer issues        never get fixed 
-Slow computer and network performance are killing productivity 
-Unresponsive technology support is leaving your employees playing solitaire, on  your dime 
-Your small business support services salesman wants you to invest in new  technology, but he can’t explain why
-Security and technology vulnerabilities like malware and pop-ups putting your  company at risk

We offer maximum flexibility and cost options suitable for smaller organizations. There is something for everyone in our wide range of services. We have been in business for over 20 years in Calgary and understand the needs and problems small businesses face in Calgary. As an honest and friendly services company in Calgary, we enjoy creating a relationship of trust and friendship that goes beyond business.​​

At SOS we have helped small businesses in Calgary manage their computers and networks since 1995, with our experienced technicians we understand the unique needs of your small business. We offer custom tailored ​solutions that provide exactly what you need for your business to manage through these ever changing  computer environments; that only computer technicians can keep up with. Our working solutions help you maintain a working environment that you can count on day to day, leaving the hassle of technology to us at a fair price. We offer low cost fees to business clients guaranteeing you a set rate for expenses like WCB, EI, CPP and Vacation Pay, while offering you a team of 5 qualified, certified, specialized technicians.